E.S.G. Systems


VAT Reg. No. 570 2909 41

T: +44 (0) 1297 32277
M: +44 (0) 7889 070668
E: ted@esgsystems.co.uk


Glossary / Definitions

Bale - A round, square or oblong form into which fibres are compressed, such as hay, straw or shredded paper, used for storage or transport. The size and weight varies.

Baler - A machine used to densify and compact fibrous materials into bales (see above) of cardboard animal bedding for storage or transport.

Allergens - A tiny nonparasitic antigen particle that can trigger an inappropriate immune response, resulting in sytems such as breathing difficulties, skin reactions, etc, depending on the animal and exposure.

Baling Press - Another name for a 'baler' - machinery for compressing materials such as straw, hay and paper.

Hydraulic - A process utilising the natural of fluid that it cannot compress, and so when forced into a smaller space it increases the force created. Machinery uses fluids such as water or oil in tubes to create powerful forces. In the case of our hydraulic balers, this force is applied to the fibrous paper and compressed bales are created.



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